How To Begin?

If you were about to bike around the World, how would you prepare for it ? Where would you start from?

Would you first buy a bike or work out your muscles? Maybe you would start with visa applications or insurance company. Or perhaps you are the sort of a person who doesn’t want to plan anything ahead, and only at the d-day you would purchase all the necessities. Or are you just the opposite type of a person, who want’s to plan everything up to the very end, months before departing?

Obviously there are no rights or wrongs for these questions. Everything depends on YOU, and how YOU want to make your trip. All of MY trips have been so far leave-the-door-see-what-happens-technique, so this time I decided to try the other way. “Well planned is half done”- they say, and they can’t be totally wrong.

First question which I came across with, was the financial one: How much the trip will cost, and who will pay for it? Is it possible to get sponsors for this kind of an attempt? This last question is very crucial one because it can determine the nature of the trip. In one hand you have the freedom of traveling freely without any duties (amazing feeling that is!), meaning enough savings and no spending. In the other hand you have no big financial problems and perhaps some publicity, but obligations to fulfill your duties for the sponsors. Three bikers each from different countries, whom I’ve met personally, were satisfied with being sponsored on their travels, and after listening their stories about all the benefits they got, my decision was easy: Have to give it at least a try.


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