How Much ($)?

Because I’m a student, who wants to graduate sooner or later, one gap year should do the trick. Sure, some travelers and bikers have been on the road for more than five years in a row, still finding new stuff to explore and reasons not to go back home. But I don’t want to postpone my studies ad infinitum, so I have planned my tour around the World into 14 months.

Have to remind you though, that plans are made for changing, so nothing is for sure. Nor the departure nor the arrival. Actually even the whole trip mustn’t be something you can’t undo.

In fourteen months there are approx. 425 days, which means I have to have at least 4250 euros for a standard living (Some places are cheaper and some places are more expensive, so 10e/day is I think doable). On top of this amount, I have to fly at least two times (the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans), but I think the total amount of the flights will be between four and six. If each flight costs around 400e, I have to have 2500e reserved for the flights. If we add these two amounts together, we get the minimum cost of my trip during the traveling. Of course there are vital things I need to purchase before/during the travel such as Visas, Travel Insurance, Vaccinations, Medicine and of course all the gear and gadgets – bicycle, bag, coat, shoes and a tent to name just a few. If you want to put an effort into a quality, my roughly estimated number for all the gadgets you need to buy is 6000-7000 euros. Though I’m not that into a superb quality -going guy, so for me 4000-5000e sounds more reasonable.

So we have let’s say 4500e for the gears and gadgets, 500e for the Visas, 500e for the travel insurance, 200e for the vaccination, 100e for the medicine, 2500e for the flights and 4250e for the food etc. In total that makes 12 550e.

I mean I could save 10 000e, but that would mean eating noodles and working 8 hours/day for the whole year. That is the reason I started looking around for the sponsors.


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