The way I proceeded with sponsoring wasn’t probably the most efficient way, but it turned out quite good.  Firstly I started asking random insurance companies and travel agencies whether they are interested in sponsoring my trip by free insurances or flights. I had no travel plan, no website, no nothing I could persuade them with. I got only refusals, but some ideas how these things work.

Then I did a power point- travel plan, and started to centralize the inquiry in places I had an acquaintance. Those places didn’t necessarily have to do anything with the services I  needed, but then again even a sock company is better than nothing – I thought. This turned out to be a good move. One insurance company passed the plan onwards, and a mobile phone company nokia went as far as offering a mobile phone. While the insurance company later on turned my offer down, I got more lucky with nokia. My acquaintance passed his idea onwards, and suddenly I found myself negotiating in Nokia head quarters about services ovi.com provides for travelers. Though it’s still uncertain what the final sponsor value will be, at least I got started with sponsoring.

Now I have 3 months left to rustle up some more sponsors. I’ll continue with asking some sports equipment stores as well as other insurance companies. Nevertheless here are some tips for sponsor hunting :

– Make a travel plan. Where are you traveling, and What is the purpose of your trip?

– Think hardly about How can any sponsor benefit from your trip?

– If you have done previous trips (with some documentary), don’t be shy to show them!

– A good website or a web blog is a perfect place where to advertise your sponsors. Don’t forget Facebook.

– Money is more difficult to get than the material. Remember, that you are a walking ad.

– Finally- visit companies, send emails, phone places. Out of many many many shots, just one could be the ONE.


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