2 months to go, What to do?

I have been extremely busy with my studies the last few weeks. I’ve been also working couple of days to keep up with my budget plan. Everything is going as it should. Perhaps even better. This weekend my blog got a rebirth, when the appearance changed drastically. My friend made big changes to the main page outlook using customized CSS-codes. I had to pay approx. 11 euros for it, but it was worth it.

This weekend I also changed my plan on the bicycle pick. My friend in Köln, Germany will help me to order a better bike than I had on my mind. This will make changes to my travel plan as well. It seems that I will start my journey from Germany – from where I attend to buy other equipments for biking.

My to do-list is as follows: Complete vaccinations, pick up my passport, find more sponsors, fix my travel insurance, double check the visa requirements, continue working on my blog  and of course order a bicycle.


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