Choosing a Bicycle

Now I finally know on which bicycle I will do my tour. It’s not Koga Miyata’s World Traveler I had previously on my mind, but the vsf  T-400 Rohloff. Why did I change my opinion? Well, I had two bike experts, who convinced me not to take the World Traveler. Reasons are as follows:

World Traveler vsf T-400 Rohloff
frame aluminium steel
brakes v-brakes magura hydraulic brakes
tires continental 47mm big apple schwalbe 50mm
shifting shimano XT rohloff 14-speed

Otherwise they are practically with the same equipments. Some important elements are: A good front light (SON hub dynamo), comfortable saddle, good baggage racks,  low riders and combi pedals.

So which bike to choose on a World tour? Well, of course the one which lasts, is comfortable to ride and looks good. My previous trips I did on really cheap bikes, carrying only a wrench with me and two panniers on the back. My 1st bike was stolen, 2nd cost 60e and 3rd 199e. With the 3rd bike I rode approx. 10 000km with only two tire-, three rim-, and three brake pad exchange (pic of the bike is on the top right). Thus I’m really not saying you wouldn’t succeed biking around the World with 200e bicycle. You could experience some difficulties though;

– For a World tour you need more clothes than for a summer tour -> more weight for the bicycle

– On a World tour roads can be in really bad condition, 40km long uphills and very steep.

– On a World tour closest repair garages could be far away, plus your own tools weigh somewhat

Before buying an expensive bicycle, remember that:  26″ wheel is the most common around the World, Do have a proper lock and an insurance, Measure your body to get the right frame size (for example on this website).


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