Vaccination & Malaria

In Senegal I slept in a room where one fellow (now dead) was bit by a fatal mosquito. Not to sound too dramatic, that could actually be one way how to intimidate travelers before their trip. When doing round a world trip, visiting places like Asia and South America, there are dozen vaccines and medicines you are advised to take. Here are the vaccinations I took:

Polio and Tetanus (free of charge). These are the basic vaccinations everyone should have kept updated

Twinrix adult (A+B hepatitis) á 44.65e.  A-hepatitis is the one which could be launched through food, B-hepatitis through blood. Three vaccines are injected before they give lifetime protection. The second after 1 month the third after 5-11 months. I haven’t taken the third yet, maybe I’ll take it in Australia or after my journey.

Stamaril (Yellow fever) 36,48e. Yellow fever vaccination is necessary in some countries, so check the map before going. For example Iran wants the Yellow fever certification if arriving from a country where Yellow fever appears.

Malaria is surely not a thing to laugh about, though I’m not taking any pills for it. When I reach a spot with dangerous mosquitoes, I will provide myself with all necessary drugs. If I’m lucky they won’t be even needed, passing India in winter and otherwise keeping the route nearby the windy shore.

For Englishmen I would suggest this website, as for Finns I definitely recommend this one.

ps. What happened in Senegal wasn’t a joke


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