The Beginning

Yup, I must admit that some tears emerged on my cheeks after  the second day of cycling. Realising that for a year I won’t be able to do all the basic things (see my family, friends, have sauna, play guitar, eat homefood etc.), got me all Jane Austen. The third day I felt better, and the fourth day I was back into Die Hard mentality. Now after a week I’m super excited about the new stuff I’m going to experience.

My daily carefully calculated  budget started a bit uncontrollably, but then again I simply needed the shower after four-day car trip, so I booked the only hostel in Saarbrücken and enjoyed the western-style luxury. I also purchased some essential gear  including a robust abus lock, Alpine helmet, topeak multi tool and Classic Ortlieb panniers (front and back). Then I made a detour to Wetzikon, Switzerland, to visit my friend in the prestigious veloplus.  In the biker’s heaven I did some bike accessories-shopping and was offered a re-check for the bicycle. Alles klar.

But my finances got some good news too! A Finnish, Turku based  offered me a financial help, and who am I to reject this kind of an offer from  any organisation which has a good intention! gives western, helpful travel-minded people a possibilty to make some good stuff in places like Brazil, Peru and India. These places being along my travel plan, it’s not ruled out that I could visit their projects on the way.World Cup Final in Strasbourg  Also thanks to, it’s actually the first time I started seriously thinking about voluntary jobs, and perhaps  during my teaching career I’ll end up as a volunteer somewhere 🙂

Well, in the near future my journey continues towards  Czech Republic, whereI should purchase all the rest necessary gear needed. 

ps. Enhorabuena España for the World Cup!


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