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Greetings from east Slovakia. Tatra mountains are behind me, with highest  reached point being something around 1250m ASL. Not much concidering the whole Iran, but a good warm up.

I also met my first bike companions, though our mutual ride with this slovakian couple was not more than ten minutes. On this post I will concentrate on the pros and cons when traveling alone/with a partner.

“Happiness is not real unless it is shared” is a quote from one certain traveler´s must movie, and I couldn´t agree more. This is a true advantage when traveling with someone. Here is a table of other points made out:

Alone With Someone
Freedom issue Routes, eating, sleeping, speed, sites (basically everything) Shopping without being afraid of a stolen bike
Accommodation Dorm beds, Couchsurfing Private rooms, camping (cheaper)
Gear Carry everything f.e tent, camping stove and tools can be shared
Money Pay for everything Share costs
Sociality Wanting to meet other people Meeting others can be harder
Other Finding out your own limits Double knowledge (language), Safer?

Many people are amazed about me traveling alone, saying that it must be one-sided and dangerous (which is not solely true), but in other hand the freedom to make all the decisions by yourself (also the bad ones) is unbeatable.

Trip continues tomorrow towards Hungary, and I am sure that all the people´s staring will multiply. In Germany nobody even glanced towards me, in Slovakia children are already pointing at my gear, and gypsies mostly laughing. Wonder how in Ukraine…

ps. check out the new ovi blog post.



  1. Marcus Wyckoff
    Posted August 23, 2010 at 9:18 am | Permalink | Reply

    Hey Lucas, it was nice to meet you yesterday. I thought I would drop you a line, so now you know my email address. You should give me an email when you know when you will be in America, and I can see if I could get back on my tourning bike as well. Have a safe trip until then. By the way I live in Oregon, so you got a place to stay.

    • Posted August 23, 2010 at 5:57 pm | Permalink | Reply

      Sure, it would be fun to meet up in Oregon. Good luck with your last weeks in Chisinau.

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