Etappe 2


Etappe 2 in total lenght of 1930km, was more demanding than the first one, and not just in kilometres. Cheaper accommodation and food was compensated with high temperature and eventually a broken tent.

Here is a table about every European country (check also the post on ovi blog about Romania) :

country roads mentality costs mark
GER Good, but often you have to keep on the bike paths. This reduces the freedom and bike paths are always longer. One world traveler gets lost in Germany. In this sence it’s unstresful and easy. Bike shops everywhere. Camping ~15e, Hostel~20e, Food is cheap from Lidl’s and Aldi’s 4
SUI No complaints. There are bike paths, but in better shape than in GER Switzerland is a very, very nice biking country No eating out, no camping no hostels. Go to Migros and sleep in a tent. 4,5
CZE OK. biking is possible almost on every road. Don’t bother using the bike paths, they are in bad shape and much longer. Watch for the traffic! Lots of hills, up and down up and down. Demanding. You can find bike shops, but not many accessories. Eating out maybe cheaper than preparing yourself. Camping ~5e. Hostel ~15e 4
SVK Surprisingly good. Slovakia has mountains, but Czech Rep. I found harder. Few mountain bikers can be found on the way as well as bike shops. Like Czech rep. Maybe a bit more expensive. 4
HUN Good roads, truck drivers are mad. Hungary is flat flatty falaty flat. The wind says a lot. Camping 6-7e, market food cheap and good variety. 3
ROM Dr.Jekyll mr Hyde. Or Dracula. Roads are mostly bad, but some big roads can be as good as in Switzerland. Hunking begins. Also dogs are barking at you, dead animals onthe road every 5km. People stare at you very sincerely. Bike shops are hidden. Camping hard to find, wild camping allowed. Hostel/Pension 10-17e. Street food is 1-2e. No trekking food in markets. 2,5
MDA Very bad, few part are OK, some of them in Transdniestr. Drivers are not respective, but not many lorries on roads. People are rather excited about bikers. Boys can challenge you with their new mountain bikes.  Otherwise same as in Romania. Camping in wild is free. Hostel/Pension 5e-12e. Street food 1-1,5e, shops in better condition than in Romania. Most of products come from Russia. 2
UKR Not good, but better than in Moldova. More respective drivers than in Moldova. Ukrainians looks at you, but mostly when you have passed them already. Watch out for the mini-skirt women! Hostel 5-12e, Bic Mac menu with sundae Ice Cream is 3,5e. 2,5

(Legend: 1-Try to avoid biking in this country 2- Bike in this country for transit 3-Biking is even fun here 4-Nice landscape with good roads for biking 5-Beautiful landscape with nice people and good roads, you should definitely come here)



  1. Kevin
    Posted August 28, 2010 at 3:46 pm | Permalink | Reply

    good to see an update, you are covering some ground!

  2. Posted August 31, 2010 at 8:44 am | Permalink | Reply

    very informative, lukas,

    keep posting things like this. it will help me for my next year’s trip! 😉


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