Etappe 4

Etappe 4 was just a quick breeze from Dubai to Muscat. Road was good, but scenery was boring. Oman was a positive surprise, but where the heck were kilometer distances?

My Arabic wasn’t much of a help, because everybody spoke good English and signs were written in both languages – Arabic and English.

country roads mentality costs mark
UAE Roads in UAE are very good. Traffic is ok, comparing to Iran very good. Road signs missing, kilometer distances as well. Highways forbid bicycles, but I cycled on them anyways – The police said nothing. Biking in Dubai is possible, but not very interesting. The whole country is made for automobiles, so it was actually very boring. People are used to tourists, hence not especially friendly. You can find shops full of every western brands. Camping on beaches mainly forbidden, lots of land outside cities restricted Food in supermarkets is cheaper than in Europe. Hotels are expensive, camping difficult. Couch surfing one option. Also fast food restaurants are cheap (Sub Way Footlong around 3,5e). 2
OMN Same as in UAE, except highways allow bicycles. I saw two car accidents on my way.

The whole way from Dubai to Muscat (450km) has street lights!

Surprisingly touristy, but much more interesting than UAE, more friendly people. UAE has the architecture, but Oman has the feeling. Easier to find camping areas. Visa costs can change every week, so watch out. Same as in UAE. 2,5

(Legend: 1-Try to avoid biking in this country 2- Bike in this country for transit 3-Biking is even fun here 4-Nice landscape with good roads for biking 5-Beautiful landscape with nice people and good roads, you should definitely come here)



  1. Posted November 11, 2010 at 10:06 am | Permalink | Reply

    hi lukas,
    where did you stay overnight then? seems as if you didn’t see too much of beautiful oman. muscat is an interesting city full of fascinating and contrasting aspects while countryside and coastline are of breathtaking beauty. now heading for india?
    take care

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    I couch surfed in both, in UAE and Oman. On my way I camped for 2 nights on Omani side. I agree, Oman has really beautiful beaches and countryside. Didn’t bike through them though.

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