First Impressions from India

If Iranian mentality to use horns disturbed my mind, Indian one puts all my nerves into a mine field. Which Einstein is responsible for the sign “horn ok please”? This ridiculous slogan stands almost on every back of an indian truck and “ok” I guess means in this case mandatory.

They come with different tones, rhytm, loudnessess and melodies. An ear blowing horn solo can easily last for 15 seconds. I wouldn’t be surprised, if the local driving school teacher woldn’t accept your test because of the paragraph one: “Use your horn as long and loud as possible on every possible opportunity”. As a biker, I simply can’t come up with anything more annoying than a vehicle which starts blowing it’s horn 100 metres before passing you, and ending it 50 metres after it’s passed. Or maybe I can. A high and loud truck’s horn sound just when it’s next to you.

As you have perhaps already figured out my first impression towards India, I would really like to know how could a cyclist enjoy his stay here? It’s true that The hotels and food are very cheap here. You can eat out and sleep in a private room every day and keep a 10e budget. But if you want to camp for a change, or the Indian spicisiness isn’t your favorite, you are unfortunate. Doesn’t matter which place you go, there is somebody with his spices. If you seem to stopped in a quiet area, you’ll get a visitor before you’ve sat down. If you ask for something sweet and not spicy, you’ll get something which makes you order another liter of water.

Roads have been ok on highways, but as for smaller roads even Romania should be proud of their pot holes ( two punctures so far). Of course I’m not saying india isn’t interesting to visit. The atmosphere here is without doubt one of a kind, with all the cows and beggars and three wheelers, and as a backpacker I would maybe enjoy it… but cycling here is just not much of a fun.

So, My etappe through India is soon in it’s mid way, today I’ll rest my tender back in a hotel room with a cable tv. Friends, the Simpsons and some other American series will keep me company for tonight.



  1. Posted November 27, 2010 at 9:26 pm | Permalink | Reply

    What can I say – I’m slow. Ale budu brzo muset zrychlovat protoze zacina byt kosa. Sylvestr v Teheranu.

    I hope things are going well for you though and that you’ve grown a little more impervious to Indian honking.

    So, you’re off to Nepal? won’t it be quite cold up there?

    • Posted December 4, 2010 at 9:26 am | Permalink | Reply

      Weather in Kathmandu is actually very nice. Sunny and 15 degrees. In mountains bit less 🙂

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