Etappe 5

This etappe was very interesting one. It begun from Mumbai, one of the largest cities in the World, and ended in Kathmandu. What made this journey interesting, was the fact that I was given only 21-day visa for India.

Here is the way I spent them;

days 1-3: Got use to India and it’s diversity by staying in Mumbai. Also met a Romanian cyclist with whom I tested Indian traffic by going to the downtown of Mumbai.

days 4-6: Started Etappe with a puncture, but managed to cycle 500km in first three days. First along the highway, then on a smaller road.

days 7-11: The route I had chosen was road-wise not good. My daily distances were only about 100km, and on 11th day I had to take a rest because of my back pain. The weather was rainy.

days 12-15: I wanted to reach a volunteer camp (through on 13th day, but again the bad roads kept my average trip in 100km/day. So I reached the camp on 14th day, and stayed there for two nights (more  about my stay in the camp you can read aferwards)

days 16-17: In rainy weather I approached to Taj Mahal, and finally arrived at the Western Gate on 17th day

days 18-21: I believed I wouldn’t be in rush to Nepal, but in the night of 18th day I realized the border crossing is still 570km away. So this meant riding approx. 190km last three days. First day I did 237km, second 205km, and third “only” 128km.

When I got to Nepal I thought it will be only two day ride to Kathmandu (288km), but because of bad roads, chain problems and hilly countryside I decided to make it in three days.

I arrived to Hetauda on 2nd day, convinced that Kathmandu is only 80km away. Well, a crow would’ve flown to Kathmandu in two hours, but I was lucky to make it in two days.

First I had to climb from couple hundred meters to 2488m peak, then descent to 1600m, then climb back to 2080m, then descent to around 800m, climb to 1600m and finally ride down to Kathmandu valley in altitude of 1300m. Last 25km were with heavy trucks and bad roads, but first 100km were along Armenia’s landscape the most beautiful I’ve ever cycled.

Ps. Check also my blog post for Turku2011-project.



  1. Posted December 7, 2010 at 9:23 am | Permalink | Reply

    hi lukas,
    impressive riding – daily distances of > 200 km – and tough climbing – wow!! seems you’re pretty fit by now. 😉
    enjoy himalaya!

  2. Kevin
    Posted December 7, 2010 at 6:35 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Hi Lukas

    It made me smile that you cycled across a subcontinent in 21 days because that is the length of your visa; I think I finally found a nation which is more stubborn, pragmatic, determined and mean than the Scots 😉

    May the wind be at your back…


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