Leaving Brazil

It was not my original plan to visit Brazil at all. Few things just drifted me there. Reversing my rear sprocket was a reason to visit Montevideo, Carnival party aroused my interest to check out Florianopolis, Travel2help.org arranged my stay in Curitiba and Iguazu falls I heard is just a must see attraction. Originally I also wanted to meet up with a good friend in Brazil, but this meeting never happened.

Am I glad that I crossed southern Brazil? Yes and no.

No, because cycling in Uruguay and Brazil was very boring experience. Only the last day before reaching Curitiba was somehow interesting. My budget didn’t like this detour either. I spent 12 euros in average, which is just not acceptable amount if I want to finish my World tour in September-October.

Yes, because I met bunch of interesting people, and experienced some unforgettable moments while not cycling. Playing beach soccer in Uruguay, Checking out live football game in Porto Alegre, observing Carnival party in Florianopolis and having Brazilian Experience moments in Curitiba were absolutely amazing things. Also the hospitality of Brazilians just made the trip worth while.

I gathered some pics from those nice moments in Brazil.

This is the back yard where I stayed first night in Brazil. The farmer offered me a shower and a supper which I politely turned down. It was nice to wake up in the sound of chicken.


As I was searching for a camping site in small town, one random guy just came to me and invited me for a drink to his house. This house was a guest house, and soon I found myself having a guest room and a delicious dinner. The family was super hospitable, giving me hints where to go in southern Brazil. In the night I was even given a car tour around the town.

I stayed four nights in Curitiba getting to know this volunteer project via Travel2help.org. During my stay I was hosted by Joao and his family. The whole family was very friendly, except those two dobermanns, who were in their cage while this pictures was taken. Branca and Kevin (smaller dogs) were much more relaxed.

First night I unpacked my stuff and was invited to a birthday party.

The second day I was invited by this local cyclist club for a circumnavigation around Curitiba. The ride was beautiful with lots of parks and other attractions. Total distance was around 40km, though there were few very steep hills. These guys were very nice, giving me this professional looking shirt as a present.

Joao’s father made some delicious dishes during the weekend. The whole four days my stomache had a blast.

After fourth puncture along the road I decided to buy a new rear tyre. Accidently I met this English speaking man, who adviced me to go this particular bike shop. They welcomed me wtih open arms, fixed my punctures, gave me a cap and to top the whole event, this friendly man sponsored me with the spare tire. I thank you all in this picture!

Now I’m ready to hit for Paraguay. I uploaded some pictures on flickr, turku2011 blog, made a blog post about Iguazu falls on Ovi blog and a short story about my volunteering in Curitiba to Travel2help.org blog. I’ll put a link on this story as soon as it will be published. I also cut my hear, bought a two extra inner tubes and a new helmet plus exchanged the rear tire for a continental. Adios, Brazil.

ps. While fixing one of those flats, this American cyclist cam to chat with me. He put picture of me to his blog, so I’m doing the vice versa. Safe travels, Doug.


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  1. Posted March 25, 2011 at 3:27 pm | Permalink | Reply

    hi lukas,
    it’s exactly those encounters with nice people who make a trip like yours an exceptional and lasting experience. sights are impressive, no doubt, but we know most already form tv or the internet, but nothing can replace direct interaction with people.
    got a little sponsor-contribution from stadtrad yesterday. only a few parts, but nice! they send their regards to you!

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