Etappe 7 (part2)

The second part of Etappe 7 was way more interesting than the first one. It started from the Iguazu waterfalls and ended up in San Pedro de Atacama- World’s driest desert. I crossed Southern Paraguay, Northern Argentina and finally arrived to Chile. Part 2 consisted Iguazu’s jungle climate, Chaco’s plains, over 4000m Andes passings and finally Atacama-desert.
I kept my budget in order much better than in the first part, also enjoyed the cycling way more. Unfortunately the last day of this part I was badly prepared and in the end had to ask the police car to give me a lift from 4000metres 50km downhill to San Pedro.

When I recovered from this extremely demanding part, I got a mild cold, detected a small crack on my rim  and thus decided to rest over Easter in this very tourist friendly village.

I also met two cyclists. The first one was a French man who came to Chile just to cross the salt desert in Bolivia, the second was a Danish/Swiss man in his thrities who was coming from Ushuaia (Patagonia) and heading north. As this was the case, we decided to continue togehter towards La Paz, after a Jeep ride over this “Salar de Uyuni”. Let’s see how this Scandinavian-Central European collaboration works out:)

country roads mentality costs mark
Paraguay Crossing from Ciudad del Este to Pilar the roads were good. After Brazil the traffic felt super calm and respectful. Road signs ok. I was very surpised how comfortable Paraguay was ride on. Paraguains were curious about a cyclist. Offered help, asked questions and above all treated you with respect. Spanish language is not vey “in” here, so watch out. Hotels from 5-7e, good meals 2-4e, basic street food 1e and up. I had no problems to keep my 10e budget here. Camping can be risky as for the tent eating ants are in many places 3,5
Argentina Road quality is good, but unlike in Brazil, they don’t have those side lines. And if traffic is heavy, you are screwed. Trucks respect you none.If you find quiet road, you are in heaven. Argentinian hospitality is very close to Brazilian one. Some of the people are very nice to you. Generally Argentina is safe, but don’t trust everyone! Eating out eats your budget, so you have to cook your own food. Hostels are from 6-10e, camping from 0-5e and good old Bic Mac Menu 6e. 2,5
Chile Didn’t cycle in Chile so much. Only 100km after the Argentinian border. It seemed though that the quality of roads is slightly better than in Argentina. I’ve met only few Chileans. All of them were friendly. I heard though from German couple that they were robbed in a bus station in a small city… Costs are similar to Argentina. In San Pedro de Atacama camping 6e, hostel 8-11e and eating out around 4e. Generally it’s cheaper. ?

(Legend: 1-Try to avoid biking in this country 2- Bike in this country for transit 3-Biking is even fun here 4-Nice landscape with good roads for biking 5-Beautiful landscape with nice people and good roads, you should definitely come here)


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