Missing Ovi Blog Post from California (to you, Jukka and Allan)

Hi everyone. I wrote this post for Ovi Blog in August, but it wasn’t published. Ovi Blog is changing into Nokia Blog, and this blog has also some updates going on. That’s why I decided to  publish my second last Ovi post on my blog. Yes yes, it’s an act of a lazy person, because now I can win some time not making another post for a while, but I ensure you (me) that I’m slowly, step by step, going to update my blog in the near future.

But before I cut and paste this story about two travelers, I will tell you what I’ve been doing last month. Since i haven’t been updating my blog, I’ve done other things.  I have added captions to my two-thousand-pack pics, edited some video clips, planned my tiny exhibition about my trip, and also cleaned and maintained my Wooffie a bit. With her I did a short cycle tour 60km north from Turku for one interview but also got invited to experience flying on a glider (thanks Tommi). I’ve had two interviews for local newspapers and a short description about my trip on teletext (thank you Matti) I’ve also visited one Brazilian friend I met on Andes, but now studying in Finland, and a student medical center to check my hip/back, which has been mas o menos bothering me for the whole journey. The physiotherapist said I should stretch more 🙂

Okay, but because I still have many things to do, here is the post about Jukka Salminen and Allan Karl (and here is a link of our stay at Allan’s – including a podcast!)


My bicycle journey around the World is almost done. The last flight from San Diego to Dusseldorf was ten days ago, and since then (thanks to Nokia maps) I already halved my way back to Finland. But while I’m trying to keep my shoes dry in rainy Denmark, I would like to take you back to the sunny west coast of the US.

It was five days before my flight, when I bumped into another Finnish World tour cyclist Jukka Salminen and his American friend Allan Karl, who had traveled the World on a motorbike. Both guys were traveling for much longer time than I was, and also using Nokia phones during their travels. Jukka had cycled 60 000km in five years and Allan biked more than 60 000 miles in three years.

When you leave your home for such a long adventure, all the familiar surroundings, one would think there must be some doubts in the beginning. But no, Jukka and Allan were ready to make the big step into unknown. Jukka said his start from Australia was smooth without bigger problems, and Allan after touring in Alaska continued for Mexico. Quoting Allan:  “…when I crossed the border to Mexico… I had this anxiety that now I can’t really turn back, I’m officially committed”.

Quitting never occurred to Jukka nor Allan. Jukka had some back problems in Africa and Allan broke his leg in Bolivia, but that didn’t stop them. They cured their bodies so they could continue on their projects. For them the end of one road was just another beginning.

 So what kept and is still keeping these guys on the road from one day to another? What is the motivation? Jukka points out, that he just needs to take care of his body with healthy food and a good rest.  “Naturally the energy comes up”- Jukka states. Allan’s motivation is people – understanding them by sharing their lifestyle. Also, what kept Allan moving was the fact that staying at one place for too long made him loose the stimulation and inspiration.

We had a great time at Allan’s house in southern California, eating delicious food, sharing stories and having good laughs. This made me realize that it was moments like these that made me going. And yes, it still does.


Interestingly, two weeks after I wrote this post, Jukka encountered heavy health issue and returned back to Finland



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    Very nice blog. I will look forward to more of your travel blogs. I will definitely read it.

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