DSC_0675.jpgName: Lukas Priklopil

Place of Birth: Brno, Czech Republic

Date of Birth: 27.7.1982

Hometown: Kotka, Finland

Contact: lukas.priklopil[at]helsinki.fi


At the age of twenty-four I sold all my belongings and began to walk. I started  from Paris in July 2006, walking approximately 30-40km per day. I strolled mainly on asphalted roads, but also on bike paths, hiking routes and long sandy beaches. Basically I walked from dusk – when the birds woke me up -until dawn – when it was just too dark to see anything. Most of the nights I slept under the open sky because my 25-liter back pack was way too small for a proper tent.

At one point I found a small abandoned (kick) scooter on which I increased my daily distance a bit, reaching 60km per day. Though it was great to feel the wind in my hair while kicking the small scooter, that bloody gadget almost crippled my legs. After one week of pedalling down the Alps, I had to switch back to the safe walking method. Then suddenly in Macedonia, out of a blue, I got a really bad stomach ache, and because of my weakened body I had to take trains and buses to reach Turkey.

It took me one month to recover from the sickness, before I could continue again by foot. I continued along the beautiful Turkish coast towards Syria, doing the Likya Yolu along the way. Finally, In a city called Mersin, after almost 2000km of walking and ruining one pair of shoes, I got tired into walking and bought a  bicycle for 60 euros. On this amazing device I easily tripled my daily distance and it took only a few weeks to arrive to that journey’s final destination; The Red Sea. From that moment on, I truly fell for biking.


My argument is, that biking around the World isn’t dangerous. It’s actually a very safe and simple thing. You don’t need to be an athlete, have lot’s of money or to be lucky in any other way to do it. You just need to leave your home for a while. In this sense, I hope my blog could help to open at least someone’s eyes towards our warm and beautiful  planet, so he’d/she’d be encouraged to make his own trip one day.

After returning from my trip in 2011, I would also like to visit primary schools and tell children about safe biking. This would include the importance of a helmet usage, traffic rules, and of course the joy of riding a bicycle.


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-I study primary teaching in Turku, Finland. I speak fluent Finnish, because my family moved from Czechoslovakia to Finland when I was only 2-years old. I also speak quite good Czech and English, some Swedish, German and Spanish plus very little of Arabic.

-To fund my trip I worked in retail shops as a cashier, sometimes as a substitute teacher in primary schools.



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