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Etappe 7 (part3)

bicycle boat jeep/bus train plane The third part of Etappe 7 is almost done, which also concludes my South American journey. More than 6000km of cycling  is enough for this continent, eventhough I did 1000km less than my original plan was. As you can see from the map, the last stretch Cuzco-Lima will be done […]

Etappe 7 (part2)

The second part of Etappe 7 was way more interesting than the first one. It started from the Iguazu waterfalls and ended up in San Pedro de Atacama- World’s driest desert. I crossed Southern Paraguay, Northern Argentina and finally arrived to Chile. Part 2 consisted Iguazu’s jungle climate, Chaco’s plains, over 4000m Andes passings and […]

Etappe 7 (part1)

I decided to devide the South Ameican Etappe (number 7) to three parts. First part is behind me, the second part will take me through Paraguay and North Argentina to Chile/Bolivia salt deserts, and the Third part will take me through Machu Pichu to Lima. The goal is to cycle all the way to Lima, […]