On this page I try to collect all the questions I’ve been asked frequently. 

How many kilometers did I cycle?

My spedometer shows 21 121km. This number is not the total distance I cycled, because I tried to measure only those kilometers I proceeded onward. Approx. for 250km kilometers I forgot to clip on the spedometer. But again, I did many trips with my bicycle which I didn’t write down. I cycled around cities and towns, I went to see hundreds of different monuments and sights, and in all these cases my meter wasn’t on. So the truth would be somewhere between 21 500km and 22 000km.

How much did my trip cost in total?

The total amount of money I spent for my journey is around 10 000 euro. Though that also includes all of my bicycle and camping gear (not the bicycle itself, since it was sponsored by Nokia) .

As my stats indicate, I spent more or less 10e per day on food and accommodation. That is in total around 4500e

On other transportation (flights, ferries, trains, buses) I spent around 2500e,

On Visas, vaccination and insurance around 800e

On gear excluding the bicycle (you can see all the gear bought for this trip on the page “GEAR”) around 2000e

What was the best place I visited?

Impossible to answer because I enjoyed so many places. I was surprised how I enjoyed Georgia, Iran, China, Thailand and Paraguay.

Wasn’t I tired of cycling?

Of course I was. Especially when it rained or the wind was very strong, my mind got very weak. In Chile I had to give up and took the jeep ride. Yet I was never tired of traveling. Every morning (yes, EVERY morning) I woke up excited about that day. There wasn’t a day, which would’ve been boring.

Isn’t it dangerous to travel alone?

(As a male) I think I was safe most of the time. In South America I didn’t feel 100% safe. Very aggressive dogs, demonstrators and rumors about biker hi-jacking were unpleasant – though nothing happened. Other places I felt very safe. I still believe traveling solo is safe, you just have to keep your eyes and ears open.

What was the best food I had?

I didn’t taste many exotic food. Every time I had the chance to eat at Ikea, I did. Nevertheless, beef with red pepper in this local restaurant in Chengdu was probably the best. Yes, even better than those juicy steaks in Argentina.

Did I have to fix my bicycle often?

My first flat was in India. After that I had around 25 punctures. I bought approx 10 inner tubes during the whole trip and one spare tire which I basically didn’t use. I had to do some maintenance to my bike (Rohloff oil, swapping chains etc.), but no big issues. Spoke problem in Iran and crank problem in Germany were the biggest deals. Of course, then I had many “what if” problems with my rim, tires, rear sprocket and a missing nut – all of them were solved.

Why did I end up choosing the vsf-T-400 Rohloff ?

Read more here

Was I homesick?

Yes. I remember the first night in tent (France) I was thinking that holy #¤it, what did I got myself into – next 14 months of this? But I was used to being homesick, plus I knew I could go back whenever I want.




  1. Ben
    Posted April 28, 2013 at 12:41 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Hi there
    Congrats on what sounds like a great trip.
    I’m interested in a vsf Fahrradmanufaktur tx-400, i see you have the 57cm, how tall are you?
    I know should try before buying but i live in Thailand and plan to buy online and ship back to U.K. for Euro tour.


    • Posted April 30, 2013 at 2:56 pm | Permalink | Reply

      Thanks for your comment. I also purchased my bike before seeing it. I think I googled frame measuring site and also sent my height and other specs to the bike dealer. They did the rest with calculating frame size, crank size and handle bar size. I’m 183cm tall myself. Good luck with your trip!

  2. Posted June 28, 2013 at 10:47 am | Permalink | Reply

    Woah, just stumbled across your blog some time ago. That’s amazing – cycling around the world like that! I cannot imagine what that must be like – though yes I’d love to travel from one country to another (though I know I do not have that kind of stamina to cycle the whole way).
    You have yourself a new fan :D. Great adventures and great blog!

  3. Laura
    Posted June 28, 2013 at 9:09 pm | Permalink | Reply


    I found your blog when i was going trough another bicycle page and I was just wondering that is it totally crazy to try and bicycle around europe with a bike that has no gear and its like “granny style”? Will it brake down immediatly? 😀 Also i was curious about your sponsors and the possibility for getting me one.


    • Posted July 2, 2013 at 10:51 pm | Permalink | Reply

      There is no problem cycling around Europe with any bicycle. Just beware of your own body when cycling long distances with non ergonomic bicycle. If it brakes down, just fix it or buy a new one.
      As for sponsoring, I guess it is possible to get one, but you need to have a clear plan what and what for you are doing your trip. In many cases, all the sponsor hassle isn’t just worth it.

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